Listed Buildings

At Firth (UK) Ltd we have been involved in many listed buildings projects over the years. In fact, when the company first started in 1935 we were actually manufacturing windows in the style of traditional sashes and cottage windows as standard.

We are extremely experienced in all the relevant regulations and regularly liaise and negotiate with Conservation, Historical Buildings and Planning Officers for positive outcomes.

Range of Frames to Meet Regulations

We now make sliding sash windows with single glazing and Victorian or Georgian bars to meet the stipulations of the local council planning departments and the Historical and Conservation Officers.

Cottage style windows are also very popular. These are typically flush and supplied with butt hinges and traditional furniture, again with single or multiple glazing bars. We also have a stepped flush frame which allows us to use stainless friction sliding hinges and espagnolette locking mechanisms.

With regard to the types of timber used – we typically offer Joinery Grade Redwood, Sapele which is a durable hardwood and European Oak but there is also a full range of other types available for specific applications. A popular choice on painted frames is Redwood with a hardwood sill, as this tends to take the worst of the weather.

Guaranteed Quality

We have been financially and technically assessed by Stroma to ensure we meet current UK Building Regulations. All replacement window and door installations to the existing dwellings are covered by Stroma. We also confidently back our products with a 10-year manufacturing guarantee on our timber products.

Glazing for Efficiency and Effect

Double glazing was not initially permitted on listed buildings but is now becoming much more common as Planning Officers appreciate the ability to both reduce energy losses and help protect old buildings. Condensation in the winter months is a particular problem, not just for the window frames but also the reveals and internal sills, which become damp and encourages decay.

Various types of glazing are available and go from simple 4mm single glazing to a 12mm wide slim light double glazing which when fitted looks like single glazing to 24mm (4/16/4) Available with Low “E” (1.7 u value) to Planitherm or Optitherm (1.1 u value) . Various fillings such as Argon are used to achieve these low u values. Crown glass, which mimics the old style uneven finish, is available in both single and double glazing options.

Individual and Bespoke Designs

All our products are bespoke and we will replicate the exact style required to replace your windows and doors. A bevelled glazing bead is typically used to imitate the old glazing method of putty and we can offer square, chamfered, bevelled and ovolo mouldings to both frames and openers.

Furniture and Finishes

Window furniture comes in a range of both traditional and modern styles and finishes to suit each individual application. There is often much more freedom on the choice of handles and stays as your local authority are mainly interested in the finished style of the frames and rebated depth from the front brick or stonework.

There is a vast range of stain and paint colours available to match the existing finish and Sikkens is our supplier of Microporous finishes, which protects the timber and allows it to breathe. This range can match to any BS or RAL colour code.

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings