Accoya – Innovation In Wood

Accoya® wood is an exceptional material of choice for window and door frames. Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity but it is more durable and dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods.

It can be opaque coated or, for those wishing to enjoy the natural look of wood, transparent coated. Accoya®’s low maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials. 

Exterior doors and shutters should be durable, dimensionally stable (to prevent doors becoming difficult to open and close in bad weather) and easy to maintain.

Accoya® wood meets these criteria and may be used to create simple or complex designs with a choice of finishes.

Extensive laboratory and field testing by leading institutes around the world (including in New Zealand, USA, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Japan) has shown the performance of acetylated wood to be extremely reliable.

Accoya® wood has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground conditions to ensure optimal performance. Indeed, it is so reliable that for many years it has been – and continues to be – used by scientists as the benchmark against which other treatments and modifications are measured.


  • Lasting 50 years above ground, 25 years in ground/freshwater Class 1 durability, surpassing even teak.
  • Virtually rot proof.
  • 70-year minimum service life stated by TRADA.
  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more.
  • Doors and windows open effortlessly year round.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • A non-toxic material that will stay flat and not warp, split, swell or be affected by fungi, water uptake or rot.