Wooden Doors for the Home

We have a large joinery shop which we hand make all of our wooden doors into a variety of specification. We offer a complete range of doors for the home, both internal doors and external doors too.

Internal Doors

If you are spending time and money on getting the interior of your home looking beautiful then you really do need wooden doors to complete the look. Our internal doors are fully finished and are made to the exact size of your door frame so that there is no draft yet no sticking on the carpet or flooring either.

An array of finishes can be applied to your internal wooden doors so that they fit in splendidly with your room decor.

External Doors

Similarly to our internal home doors, our external doors can be coated in any finish you with, the only difference being that we will also put an extra protective coating on too. Hardened glass is used with our external wooden doors too to meet with industry standard regulations.

We have a set range of bi-folding doors, french doors and sliding doors for the outside of your home or we also offer a custom doors service too.

Customer Service and Guarantee

Our Mission Statement is ‘To provide a hand-made top quality product at an affordable price’ and to that end, we take great pride in making sure our customer care is second to none and will strive to ensure all customers are left extremely happy.

We have been financially and technically assessed by Stroma to ensure we meet current UK Building Regulations. All replacement window and door installations to the existing dwellings are covered by Stroma.

We also confidently back our timber products with a 10-year manufacturing guarantee, which in a highly unlikely event, covers our wooden frames and doors against potential timber defects.

If you would like to request a free visit and quote for wooden windows or would like any further information about our products then please view the contact us page.

Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors