The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing is two panes of glass together with a gap in the middle which creates an insulating barrier. The inner gap can be filled with dry air as standard or can be upgraded to have an inert gas like argon or krypton injected into them which has much better thermal properties. The best width between the two panes of glass is 20mm which will give you maximum insulation. A gap of more than this will have no further benefits, but the lesser the gap, the more dramatically the insulating properties are reduced.

A saving of around £135 a year can be made on your heating bills compared with single glazing windows in an average house. Having double glazing also helps the environment with a saving of 720kg of carbon emissions per annum.

Visual and Security Benefits of Double Glazing

Furthermore, it also has many others benefits like cutting down on condensation. With single glazed windows, the hot air inside your house hits the cold glass and creates condensation. With double glazing, the hot air hits the inside pane which is warm and no condensation is created as the cold air is absorbed by the outside pane. It also reduces outside noise by 30-40db, which if living on a noisy road it’s a must.

Double glazing greatly enhances the security of your property. Burglary is an opportunist crime, and burglars will purposely look out for properties with single glazing as they are much easier to gain entry to. 60% of all illegal entries are forced through a window.