Storm Proof Windows

Another of the many window styles we have here at Firth (UK) Ltd is the Storm Proof Windows. These wood windows became popular in the post war period. They will add a different homely feel to your home, inside and out, they are also particularly secure due to their storm proof window design.

As with our sliding sash windows it is sometimes necessary for your home to have this design if you live in a conservation area, for example. Due to the fact that we produce your wooden windows especially for you and your specific needs we are able to match existing designs. We can also produce your storm proof windows in single or double glazed units. The traditional single glazed windows are necessary again for some conservation areas, however we use the highest quality materials available and with advances in glass technology we can produce an energy efficient wood window for your home. Our double glazed units are similarly advanced in their design.

Due to the weight of double glazing units, the spacer bars between the glass would have to be quite wide thus reducing the glass area and in turn the light in to your home. We produce a very traditional looking double glazed storm proof wood window by utilizing a plant on bar. This is a single frame with a single wooden double glazed unit which has spacer bars inside the glass and the plant on bar sits over the spacer bar on the outside of the glass. It provides a perfect mimic of a traditionally framed unit but also most importantly gives a thin bead or bar to the hardwood storm proof window frame.

Our Storm Proof windows are made by highly skilled craftsmen in our very own workshop to your own specifications. We are sure that you will be delighted with the work we do for you, so sure are we that we guarantee that. Here at Firth (UK) Ltd we are only here to help so if our hardwood storm proof windows are not quite right for your home why not try our Mock Sash Windows our sliding sash windows or even our Cottage Windows. You can even browse our windows as either hardwood windows or Softwood Windows, feel free to browse.