Softwood Windows

Buying softwood windows from Firth (UK) Ltd goes far beyond just the excellent windows we manufacture. Softwood has a flexibility and adaptability that makes it perfect in many situations. It is also the service we offer from start to finish is what really leaves our customers proud and satisfied with their purchase.

Why Choose Softwood Windows?

When choosing the right windows for your home there are several things to consider – the overall aesthetics, the planning regulations, the finish, the functionality, the durability, the overall ecological impact and lastly but not least, the cost – short and long-term.

Softwood comes from trees that usually grow in large areas and they also normally grow quicker than the trees that hardwood comes from, making the timber source cheaper. Although the name softwood may suggest that the wood is soft that is not the case and our softwood framed windows are durable too, although their lifespan can be less than hardwood. Softwood also tends to have more knots in it than hardwood which is why softwood windows are often painted as opposed to stained. Generally if you are going to paint your window frames you would normally go for softwood windows due to the lower cost.

Softwood is easier to work with when carving or bending to a form, so can be used to make some very decorative effects.

Most of our softwood windows are made from Joinery Premium Grade Redwood From Scandinavia.

An advantages of using Redwood is that it has a natural insect repellent and does not need to be sprayed with chemicals for protection against them. Scandinavian Redwood is also a good environmental choice due to its huge source. Compared to most other softwoods Joinery Premium Grade Redwood has also occasionally got fewer knots visible allowing for a more pleasing grain. It machines easily to a smooth finish and is ideal for our high performance micro-porous finishes.

Another choice is Douglas Fir Softwood, As with all softwoods Douglas Fir is susceptible to more knots than hardwood but once dry Douglas Fir retains its size and shape without shrinking. Douglas Fir softwood is good wood to work with making it ideal for decorative wooden windows.

We feel that our softwood windows will meet and surpass all your requirements. The details on this page and our FAQ page will hopefully answer all your questions. In addition, when we visit you to take some initial measurements we will be able to show you samples of the various woods, grain and superior finishes for our softwood windows.

Some examples of our Softwood Windows can be seen in our windows gallery.

Glazing Options

We have a range of different glazing available for every situation or style requirement, including our extra thin double glazing used to meet specifications required for listed buildings. Please see our Glazing Options page

Customer Service and Guarantee

Our Mission Statement is ‘To provide a hand-made top quality product at an affordable price’ and to that end we take great pride in making sure our customer care is second to none and will strive to ensure all customers are extremely happy with our whole service.

We have been financially and technically assessed by Certass to ensure we meet current UK Building Regulations. All replacement window and door installations to the existing dwellings are covered by Certass. We also confidently back our products with a 10 year manufacturing guarantee on our timber products.

If you would like any more information about our Softwood Windows please call us on 0114 2883298 or fill in our short form below.