Listed Building Glazing

The acceptable alternative to single glazing for Listed Buildings and Conservation areas.With energy costs continuing to rise and ever growing concerns about the environment we are faced with difficult decisions with regard to listed building’s, saving energy and retaining the tradition look of the building.

In order to meet the needs of this challenge we have launched our own 12mm thick double glazed units. They have a black warm edge spacer bar, energy reflective coatings and various options with regard to gas filling.

U Value of the Listed Double Glazing

We can offer our slim double glazing in a range of ‘u’ values from 2.5 to 1.5, however the lower figure is very expensive to achieve due to the specialised energy reflective coatings required and the use of Krypton gas. A ‘u’ value of 2 can easily be achieved with Planitherm Plus and Argon gas filling. We can also offer a 9mm unit and this entails one pane of 3 mm glass, which can also be supplied with a Crown glass – an uneven glass which reproduces the effect of old glass.

The big advantage for critical applications such as Listed buildings is that it has the appearance of single glazing and will not detract from the buildings overall appearance, we have now installed our range of Enviro glazing into a number of Listed buildings with full Planning Approval and both the Historical Officers and Planning Officers have been very pleased with the results.

Listed Building Glazing