Types Of Hardwood Used For Windows

A variety of hardwood can be used to make our hardwood windows and below is a description of each that you can choose from.

Sapele (Mahogony)

This type of hardwood is a reddish brown colour and comes from the Sapele tree found in West Africa. Some areas of the sapele log can produce a straight grain but more often that not the grain of this hardwood is more random.

It’s well defined grain is one of the reasons Sapele is a popular hardwood to use as is it’s good durability.

European Oak Hardwood

A light tanned colour gives this hardwood a different appearance to the mahogany types of hardwood although the European Oak is a very strong hardwood. The European Oak is not a endangered type of hardwood and has no conservation issues.

The grain for this type of hardwood is a straight grain and when quarter sawn the European Oak tends to have a silvery grain appearance.

Iroko Hardwood

The Iroko is another hardwood from Western Africa although the Iroko hardwood has a golden brown colour to it. Iroko comes from a tree called Milicia which has a low threatened status.

The Iroko hardwood is very durable but can become a silvery grey colour when left untreated.

Idigbo Hardwood

This particular hardwood is a yellow to light brown colour which is easier to work with and shape than most hardwoods. The Idigbo hardwood also has good overall strength and has a natural resistance to moisture.

Utile Hardwood

Utile is a common tree found in tropical Africa and has a wide spread population in the moist, deciduous high forest. The Utile is a reddish mahogany colour that has a wide striped irregular grain to it.

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