Wooden French Windows Of Long Lasting Hardwood

Double or single glazed windows & doors.

In the past several years there has been an increasing demand for french windows (which while they serve admirably as windows are actually doors), especially those with sidelights if the opening is wide enough. French windows are normally not wider that five feet but in some cases, we can make them up to six feet wide. For wider openings, we normally create windows in the middle with glass side panels on either one or both sides.

We prefer to make our windows from durable hardwoods such as mahogany or oak, but the choice of design and materials is totally in your hands. Our master craftsmen can create either single french windows or windows with side panels both of which will be a beautiful addition to your home.

As an alternative to French Windows why not look at out information on Bi-fold doors, a more contemporary way of opening up a large area of wall to the outside or to a conservatory.