Finishes and Stains

Wooden windows are seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years which is in part down to the developments in high-performance wood finishes and protective coatings. These coatings provide the wood with maximum life span and also preserve the appearance for longer too.

We also pre-treat timber with immersion pre-treatment to prevent attack by beetle or worm.

We offer various stains, paint finishes and oils – the most popular for both hardwood and softwood is our multi-coat micro-porous finish, this consists of a sealer, several base coats, followed by several top coats. It is a water based product and is absorbed by the wood’s surface to become an integral part of the timber, allowing it to breathe whilst remaining water repellent. Supplied in either a colour or a stain.

We use Sikkens multi-coat micro-porous system which has many advantages over its competitors. Here are some;

  • Long term durability and flexibility of the water-borne coatings
  • Protects the timber from moisture ingress & the damaging effects of UV light
  • Moisture vapour permeable properties allow the timber to exchange moisture in a gradual way in relation to the surroundings
  • Clear finish allows for the hardwood grain to show through
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact compared to solvent-borne coating

The final finish is customer applied on site usually after fitting. We can also supply the paint in any colour or stain if required for customer application.

Frames can be supplied pre-finished where required and with the option of a two-tone finish.

However, Oak and Idigbo are both best finished with a suitable oil as their natural acidity and impervious nature will not allow the use of micro-porous materials.