Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian period was after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. The period went right through to 1920. There was a huge increase in building in this era and many changes in influence from the Victorian period.

The main changes were the introduction of multi-pane sash style windows, leaded windows, wooden fascias, porches/conservatories, and elegant wooden carvings on the apex’s or guttering for example. There was also a huge influence to go back to the straight line, and symmetrical look, as it was through the Georgian and Regency period. The wooden fascias were often painted in a Tudor style, with white paint, and stained wooden features.

Designing the conservatory for your house

We can adapt any of our wooden conservatories to blend in with your house, and any current features you may have. The advantage of an Edwardian conservatory is that to follow the influence of the era they are built square or rectangular. This gives you more options when utilizing the space compared to Victorian style conservatories, whereas the rounded style can cause problems locating furniture etc. There more simplistic design often reduces the price compared to that of a Victorian conservatory.